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Lesson Calendar 2012

All students are scheduled to receive eleven lessons AND two weeks of break in each quarter.

See the dates below BUT PLEASE NOTE: there are times that some instructors have personal obligations that require a change to some vacation dates.

Please check all dates with your instructor.

WINTER QUARTER: December 1 - February 29
No lessons: December 22 - January 4 (Christmas and New Year's)

SPRING QUARTER: March 1 - May 31
No lessons: April 2-8 (Easter) and May 25-31 (Memorial Day)

SUMMER QUARTER: June 1 - September 2
No lessons: (two weeks of vacation) Dates vary by each instructor

FALL QUARTER: September 3 - December 2
No lessons: September 3-9 (Labor Day) and November 19-25 (Thanksgiving)



Reed Music Studios
2845 Midwest Drive
Onalaska, WI 54650